What is the purpose of tryouts?

The purpose of tryouts is to identify each player’s skill level for placement on a team.

Do all players make the team?


If just enough players or fewer players to form a team tryout, do those players automatically make the team?

No.  If, in the opinion of the evaluators each player is not at the skill level needed for the team, the player will not be placed on the team.

What is travel soccer?

Generally, FC Wheeling United teams play in the “PA West Soccer Organization”.

See www.PAWest-soccer.org and www.pawest-south.org.

Our teams play on Sunday afternoons in the fall and in the spring.  Each season consists generally, of eight (8) games in the fall and eight (8) games in the spring with one half (1/2) of the gamesbeing “travel” games or away games.

“Travel” games are generally between Washington, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas of Pittsburgh; normally, one hour to 75 minutes away from Wheeling.  The remainder are home games played in Wheeling.

Who are the evaluators?

Evaluators are selected for their knowledge of the game of soccer, familiarity with the developmental needs of the level being evaluated and their reputation as objective, impartial evaluators.  No evaluator will have a player interest at the level being evaluated unless there is an absolute critical shortage of evaluators for that particular session.

How are the players evaluated?

Each evaluator will independently grade each player in a wide range of skills (including, technical, tactical, psychological and physical).

At the end of the tryout sessions, each individual evaluator will summarize their scores. Those scores will be combined and compared with the other evaluator scores and from these results all players will be ranked and placed on the appropriate team as per their skill level and age.

Do the evaluators know each player's name?


All players are given an assigned number. The evaluators will evaluate the player’s number.

It is very important that each player has the same number for each tryout session.

Who are the coaches?

The coaches for each team are selected by the Travel Committee which consists of the President, Vice-President of Travel and other Board members of WASA/FC Wheeling United.

Generally, coaches for each particular team will not be selected until after the completion of all FC Wheeling United tryouts.

If I played travel this past year, do I automatically make it this year?


Can the parents or players speak with any of the evaluators during the tryout process?

No, in order to maintain their objectivity, all evaluators are prohibited from discussing any aspect of the evaluation process with any parent or player until all team placements are completed.  If a parent or player attempts to speak with an evaluator about the player’s tryout, the player’s placement on the team could be jeopardized.